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Imagination and Music

I arrange/compose music based on different cartoons to develop my composition abilities! :) Vols Pas Cher

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No matter what, always keep your head up because you never know when your happy ending might happen. Snow White was be saved from her troubles. Cinderella found her true love. Aurora’s spell was broken. Ariel walked on land. Belle found others who loved her for who she was. Jasmine fell in love despite the laws. Pocahontas changed people’s minds. Esmeralda found her sanctuary. Megara was able to move on from her past. Mulan brought honor to her family. Tiana’s dreams became a reality. And Rapunzel was reunited with her family. 

So, don’t ever stop dreaming and fighting. Just keep moving forward. 

Hi :) This post is about the previous video, and here is the music sheet I arranged.

The song is the opening theme from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (yeah, I love the show, I totally feel like a brony lol), I used a music sheet with the original opening I found online but I can’t seem to find or remember the page :S If you know any please let me know so I can give it credit!

This is my first attempt at “arranging” a song although I just have “basic?” musical knowledge (I’m a first year Music Major :))

And something more about me: My goal in life is to be a composer for movies (specially animated movies), TV shows, Broadway musicals etc. 

So yeah, there you go, I don’t own any of the original music :) This is just to develop my composition abilities!